ACG 2016

MCEC in Ministry 2016

A year in review - take a view minutes to discover more about leadership training in under-resourced neighbourhoods, Bible quizzing, Yella, The Commons, and more...

MCEC in Ministry Video

Where is God in my neighbourhood?

Come along on the journey with Stuart Murray and Alex Ellish at the MCEC Annual Church Gathering. Where are the surprising places you find God in your neighbourhood. Be inspired.

Shalom Healing & Worship Centre,

meeting in Kitchener, is an Tigrinya speaking congregation, largely from Eritrea. We welcome them as they join MCEC as an emerging congregation. Meet Pastor Jonathan.

MCEC Initiatives

A New Approach to Congregational Resourcing

In order for MCEC congregations to adapt and thrive in a changing world, MCEC is committed to continue walking alongside congregations in the role of resource broker and catalyst. Grow with us as we develop this new approach to congregational resourcing.(Download document)

Sacred Trust

Sexual misconduct by church leaders is a topic most people want to avoid. Unfortunately, the church is not immune, abuse does occur. It is a topic we need to talk about in our congregations. Discover the steps MCEC is putting in place to continue the conversation. (Download Document)

Anabaptist Learning Workshop

What a great idea! Discover more about MCEC and Grebel's program - Anabaptist Learning Workshop from Matthew Bailey-Dick.

LTURN - Leadership Training in Under Resourced Neighbourhoods

Hear from Colin and Jordan about the ministry taking place in under resourced neighbourhoods.

Church Planting - Soul House

What does a church plant look like before it connects with a denominational body? Meet Judith and Soul House from Toronto. They are loosely associated with MCEC as they form and develop into what God has called them to be.

Church Planting - Roi des Rois (King of Kings)

Meet Michele Monette, church planter from Montreal who is associated with MCEC. Here his passion as he plants a church in Quebec.

ReLearning Community

You have been hearing about ReLearning Community - intentionally being disciples and making disciples. Discover more through Sean East and David Dyck their experiences.

Spending Plan (Budget)

An explanation of the 2016-17 Spending Plan. (Download document.)