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Cyberspace Musings from Disciples on MCEC's Western Front

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Leadership at Kingsfield

1. @ Kingsfield – Zurich Mennonite Church “I have great concerns for the men of this congregation. There isn’t a forum of connecting for them – I see many guys slipping through the cracks. What about a weekly small group for men, to provide some accountability, discipleship and connections?”

Heartfelt concern was apparent in this email from a woman in the congregation. For some time this very issue had been the ache of the Leadership Team. They had been seeking God’s direction about a ministry directed to the discipleship of men. Pastor Phil replied to the writer of the email, “I pray for more men to lead small groups – we are hoping to release them as soon as they are willing. Only the Holy Spirit can bring this about. Prayer is the key.” Thus began a time of praying, prodding and watching. Months later, an answer to prayer arrived in the form of another email from a man within the congregation – it was an invitation for the men to meet together, “Let’s meet together. It may only happen once and doesn’t have a fancy name but it’s about guys helping guys figure out what it means to be men of God. Through reading, scripture and praying together, let’s find out what it looks like to have meaningful connections with other men – where we can support each other with where we are at in our faith journey.” Through prayer and seeking God’s direction, the people at Kingsfield – Zurich Mennonite Church are beginning to see the transformation of their congregation. The emergence of new life is evident, particularly within men. Looking back, they can now see that both the quality and quantity of men who know who they are in Christ, and who serve and lead with loving strength, are increasing. 2. @ Kingsfield – Clinton Another exciting email followed a message on work and vocation: “For awhile, I’ve felt God has been telling me to find my true calling. Unfortunately, I don’t know exactly what He is calling me to. Some of my co-workers are being pushed to the brink of a nervous breakdown and I’m finding it difficult to watch their distress. I’m not sure if God is calling me to be a light in this workplace or somewhere else. For months the message has been playing in my head, “You are not using your talents the way I want you too.” I know what talents He wants me to use. I just don’t know how to use them in the manner He desires. This will be percolating for awhile." God is growing and connecting disciples to Christ’s purpose and guiding us as a people. We will follow where ever we are led. Glory be to God!