Go & Grow!


Go & Grow! provides grants to congregations to help extend their ministry within their congregation and community.

To apply for Go & Grow! money, download and complete the Go & Grow! Aplication Form. This form includes the policy outlining the criteria for receiving Go & Grow! money.

Money is granted bi-annually.

Check out these stories from congregations who have previously received Go & Grow! money...

Go and Grow! money has been given to a number of congregations working together to bring Ted&Co to the area to perform a variety of their plays. In the spring of 2014, Valleyview Mennonite Church, along with First St Andrews United Church and King’s University College Campus Ministry, brought Ted&Co to the London community to perform the play “Laughter is Sacred Space. In this play Ted “walks you through his relationship with friend and business partner, Lee Eshleman, who took his own life in 2007. Ted explores the paradox of working with a comedic partner struggling with bipolar disorder, as well as the challenge of writing and performing stories about God while experiencing the absence of God after Lee’s death.”*At the time of the play Valleyview was in the middle of a month long worship and adult Sunday School series on mental health.
The play helped to open up conversation about what is usually a silenced topic. After the event, the congregation entered a place of vulnerability together, gaining awareness and a better understanding of mental illness and its effect on life, faith, and the community around. The London chapter of the Canadian Mental Health Association was also present at the performance and able to provide people with more facts and information. Laughter is Sacred Space was a great way to begin to address the stigmas surrounding mental illness, and within a church context too.

In 2011 Go and Grow money was given to The Gathering Church in Kitchener to go towards including a meal time as part of their afterschool program. Below is a testimonial of how successful this initiative has been.
~ Yesterday, there were about 15 youth here once again for the program. And they stayed for pizza. Two of the boys had religion assignments for school. One wanted to do something on the Anglicans, and one on another denomination (both of those boys attend Sweeney-Catholic school). They found out, via Randall (youth worker), that we are part of the Mennonite Church. Huge conversation about what that means. One boy said, "I don't go to church-too boring!" But 3 boys from The Gathering were there, and they said "its not boring at all!!!" "Really???" "Well, I don't want to get up at 7am..." "You don't have to. It starts at 10:30am!" And on the conversation went. Then James Watson walked in, and was able to help both boys with who to contact in the Anglican Church and the other denomination for his paper. "Wow, we are going to get in the 90's on these papers!" It was one of these amazing connecting conversations that happened over supper with the money we got from MCEC. The one boy said he would come to church sometime. (We have had at least three of them attend sometimes as the result of this after school group...). Anyway, thought you'd appreciate the story!!