Sharing Our Story

Limberlost Goes "Green"

Authored by: 
Mary Hagan, chaplain

It all began with the Chaplaincy Garden. On a warm spring day, eight children, aged 6 to 11, eagerly helped Carole with planting the garden. Under Carole’s patient supervision and teaching, little hands dug holes and stuck seeds and seedlings into the warm earth. By the end of the day, faces were dirty and pants needed washing, but the garden was planted and the children had learned the names of everything they had planted. In the weeks that followed, they watched with wonder as the seedlings poked their heads out of the ground developed into mature plants.

The enthusiasm of the children was not lost on the adult residents of the Limberlost housing complex. The residents began creating garden areas in their own back yards. Flowers and vegetables flourished. With pride, tenants invited friends and families to observe their accomplishments. The ripple effect did not stop there. Groups of tenants began working on improving the appearance of their “block”;
benches were painted, garbage was bagged, shrubs were trimmed.

Later that summer, London Housing held contests among all the London Housing complexes. A Limberlost resident won third prize for the best backyard garden. The first prize in the city-wide contest for the best looking block was won by Limberlost tenants who had diligently worked on their space! Limberlost has changed from the garbage strewn site it once was. People take pride in the appearance of the neighbourhood. The community has been strengthened as together tenants show respect for their surroundings.

What a wonderful unforeseen result of children helping to plant the Chaplain’s garden.