MCEC Governance

MCEC Elected Slate of Volunteers

MCEC Councils

FC manages fiscal, legal, property, and administrative aspects of MCEC as a corporation.
CMC encourages and facilitates healthy congregational life.
EC oversees the ministry and promoting of the vision of MCEC.
LC oversees the calling, training, and credentialing of pastoral leaders.
MC promotes a culture of missional ministry.

MCEC Committees

  • Gift Discernment Committee

GDC seeks out individuals to participate in MCEC Leadership

Board Representatives

  • Abundance Canada
  • Conrad Grebel University College Board
  • Canadian Mennonite University Council
  • Detweiler Meeting House Board of Directors
  • Mennonite Central Committee (Ontario)
  • Mennonite Church Canada Nominating Committee
  • Mennonite Church Canada Assembly Delegates
  • Mennonite Publishing Service Board
  • Ontario Mennonite Music Camp
  • Ontario Multifaith Council on Spiritual & Religious Care
  • Rockway Mennonite School Association Board
  • Silver Lake Mennonite Camp Board
  • United Mennonite Educational Institute Board

An MCEC representative is appointed to a board to support the vision and mandate of the Board to which they are assigned.


Task Groups

Task Groups may be formed on an as needed basis for a specfic event or project.