MCEC Structure

God is at the centre of who we are as Anabaptist Mennonites. As a community of congregations, we have structured ourselves to support, minister and encourage one another.


MCEC Congregations & Delegates

  • MCEC is governed and directed by MCEC congregations and delegates. Each congregation has three adult delegates and one youth delegate. One delegate is added for every 50 congregational members above 150 members.
  • We gather as a community of congregations each spring at our Annual Church Gathering.

Executive Council

  • Serves as a catalyst in shaping the identity and purpose of MCEC
  • Oversees the ministry and promoting of the vision of MCEC
  • Gift Discernment Committee accountable to Executive Council

Administrative & Financial Services Council

  • Manages fiscal, legal, property, and administrative aspects of MCEC as a corporation
  • Provides supportive framework for MCEC ministries
  • Committee Accountable to AFSC: Financial Aid Committee

Congregational Ministries Council

  • Encourages and facilitates healthy congregational life through the discovery and release of God given gifts.

Leadership Council

  • Oversees the calling, training, and credentialing of pastoral leaders
  • Cultivates a strong base of congregational leadership

Mission Council

  • Promotes a culture of missional ministry
  • Encourages congregational outreach for the growth of God's kingdom

Gift Discernment Committee

  • Prepares the annual slate of nominees to be presented at the Annual Church Gathering.

Financial Aid Committee

  • Makes decisions concerning requests and applications for student aid, leadership study leave grants and supplemental retirement assistance.

MCEC Representative Appointments

  • Individuals who officially represent MCEC and share MCEC stories with respective boards, committees and at various events.