Executive & Governance


MCEC in Ministry 2017

A glimpse into ministry over 2017. Meet new congregations who joined in April 2017, discover youth ministry through the eyes of a youth minister, check out MCEC by the numbers, and more!

  • Future Directions of Mennonite Church Canada
    - At Mennonite Church Canada's assembly in October, 2017, delegates voted 94% in favour of a new structure for MC Canada. What does this mean for me and my congregation?
  • Sacred Trust
    - An educational series on Sexual Misconduct in the Church
  • Reporting Sexual Misconduct by Church Leaders
    - MCEC is committed to supporting congregations to ensure that they are safe for everyone. When sexual misconduct occurs (that is, uninvited sexual engagement of any kind by a church leader) the church takes this very seriously.
  • Annual Church Gathering
    - April 28-29, 2018. More information coming soon!
  • Annual Reports
  • Around and In MCEC
    - A place for notices of events and resources around and in MCEC.
  • MCEC Governance Structure
    - A place to learn how MCEC ticks beneath all the great things that are happening.
  • MCEC Partners in Ministry
    - Meet our amazing partners in ministry.
  • Nominations Committee
    - Every year the nominations committee looks for new people to help MCEC function. Are you interested in being involved? Coming Soon.
  • Policies
    - Privacy, Accessabilty, Safe Spaces, and more...