Mission Associates

Four people are working with MCEC as Mission Associates. They nurture missional church, recognize and identify potential church planters, and build relationships with first generation immigrant congregations.

Tim Reimer,
pastor, Danforth Mennonite Church

Tim is the Toronto Mission Associate who works with the three Ethiopian/Eritrean congregations in Toronto: Freedom Gospel Ethiopian Church, Medahnialem Ethiopian Evangelical Church and Rehoboth Evangelical Church. As a "cultural translator," Tim works at building bridges of understanding between Canadian culture and new Canadian congregations - translating organizational, institutional, and congregational culture.

Hans Peters,
pastor, Jane Finch Faith Community

Hans works throughout MCEC as a coach and mentor to church planters and missional leaders, currently working with faith groups in the GTA. With a vision of empowering leaders, he seeks to surround church planters with resources and supports they need to fulfill the ministry God has called them to.

Jim Loepp Thiessen,
pastor, The Gathering

Called to be a church planter in his own journey, Jim now walks alongside others in the Kitchener-Waterloo region who are also experiencing this call. He encourages the growth and development of new congregations and support congregational mission development.


Arli Klassen

Arli works with MCEC as the lead for a new and innovative culture movement that is just beginning to take shape. She is currently working with established congregations to make a post modern shift in our Missional Culture thinking.