Redefining Youth Ministry in a Post-Christian World

man standing in pouring rain

100 Inches of Rain:
Redefining Youth Ministry in a Post-Christian World

Things have really changed. It’s like getting 100 inches of rain in a week. In the midst of all this change, what does it mean to do youth ministry, to be the church, to be a disciple? What does faithfulness look like in a Post-Christian context? We need to step back, re-evaluate what we hold dear and…gulp…experience a youth ministry reformation. Re-imagine, re-define and be converted. Join Michele Hershberger, Director of Youth Ministry at Hesston College for this webinar.

Michele HershbergerMichele Hershberger

Michele is Bible and Ministry Professor & Department Chair at Hesston College, KS. She has extensive experience in the area of youth ministry and postmodern culture. She authored, God's Story, Our Story: Exploring Christian Faith and Life, published by Faith and Life Resources.