ReLearning Community

ReLearning Community is:

  • A different idea about what it means to be "church" in changing times;
  • A challenge to be more intentional about leading and being lead;
  • A shift in congregational culture emphasizing the making and sending of disciples;
  • A call to recognize how God is present in our lives and discern what we're to do about it;
  • A way to engage in transformative, life-on-life interactions inside and outside the church;
  • A desire for deep, supportive, accountable relationships that invite us to live life together;
  • Intentionally making disciples by building relationships UP (with God), IN (with each other), and OUT (with the world).

Based on the teaching of Catalyse Change, the initial two-year ReLearning Community engagement invites leaders and congregations to shift focus from institutions to people, following the example of Jesus. Jesus intentionally made disciples and invited those disciples to do the same.

ReLearning News

"If you make disciples you always get a church. But if you make a church, you rarely get disciples."

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