ReLearning Commitment

2 Year Commitment


4 Weekend Gatherings (3-day experience)

Gathering One:  Building a Discipling Culture

This gathering explores how to establish a strong culture of missional discipleship. We will look at how shared culture, mind-set, values (child and servant, belonging and accountability) can help people take personal responsibility for their own discipleship and begin to live out their identity, faith, missional vision and call.

Gathering Two:  Multiplying Missional Leaders

This gathering explores the identification, development, training and releasing of our leaders. This will include looking at vision and values, training and coaching, as well as intentional discipleship tools and concepts that can create a culture of innovation with a freedom to fail.

Gathering Three:  Launching Missional Communities

This gathering explores the creation, valuing, and releasing of the 'spiritual household' to impact a neighbourhood or network of relationships. There will be input on developing a balanced three dimensional lifestyle of faith, community, and mission and the many ways that life can be expressed.

Gathering Four:  Leading Kingdom Movements

This gathering explores the how to establish the church as a strong resourcing centre through prayer, training, hospitality, and strong pastoral care. Teams focus on the church as a resourcing base which missional communities orbit in and out of on a regular rhythm.

Team leader has bi-weekly training "huddle" with other leaders

Between weekend gatherings, teams develop and work on 6-month goals


For Gatherings, Coaching Conversations
From $5,000 - $7,000 (dependant on number of teams)

Additional Costs:
books, leaders' retreat, any overnight accomodation

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