ReLearning Community

ReLearning Process

Teams will be coached to engage in intentional life on life relationships within and outside of the church following Jesus example for growing and making disciples.

During weekend gatherings, congregational teams will worship, fellowship, and receive teaching
on various key topics that will challenge some of our current practices. Teams will work alongside trained facilitators to:

  1. Understand what is, utilizing a number of different tools and exercises to honestly discuss the breakthroughs, battles, successes, and struggles in the current life of the church.
  2. Dream about what could be, applying new concepts, principles, and ways of thinking and working to your church and allowing God to inspire, challenge, and stretch.
  3. Plan what will be, identifying achievable, measurable, and accountable objectives to take back to their congregation with them to help the church move towards their God-given vision.

In between weekend gatherings, teams will work on congregational plans and prepare to share their progress at the next gathering.

Team leaders will participate in a bi-weekly discipleship group (huddle) with other team leaders while learning to lead similar groups within their congregation.

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