Renew Your Partnership

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Renew Your Congregation's Financial Partnership with MCEC and MC Canada!

mouse to clickWe invite you to renew your financial partnership with the wider church. Together we form the Body of Christ, supporting and resourcing each other on God's Mission. Discover below how your congregation's partnership with the wider church congregation has made a difference across MCEC and around the world.

1. Leadership Development

CJ BarnettMeet CJ Barnett. "If I can be a role model to the kids and youth in my neighbourhood, I will," says CJ. CJ grew up in the Jane and Finch area of Toronto. "I feel like every pastor impacted me in the right way," he says. Read more of how family, MCEC pastors, and mentors have helped to nurture and encourage CJ, who is now working to obtain an honours degree in social work. He gives back to his neighbourhood by being a positive role model to young people in his community. Your financial contributions to MCEC help to mentor CJ and other leaders like him through programs like LTURN (Leadership Training for Under Resourced Neighbourhoods) and TiM (Transitioning into Ministry). These programs desire to position leaders with the tools that they need to thrive in their ministry and neighbourhoods.

2. International Ministry

Discover above how Dann and Joji Pantoja responded to the earthquake crisis in the Philippines. Dann and Joji are International Witness Works in the Philippines where they have founded PeaceBuilders Community Inc. (PCBI). They provide peace-and-justice training for Christian church leaders, Indigenous leaders and civil society organizations. As part of PCBI’s sustainable development initiative, Joji works as CEO of Coffee for Peace, a social enterprise that works directly with local coffee farmers to ensure a fair return for their product and responsible environmental practices. Your support of MCEC empowers our 18 International Witness Workers and Partner Ministries to meet physical and spiritual needs around the world in South Korea, Thailand, Benin, Colombia, Ethiopia, Germany, Vietnam, China, Philippines, United States and in Canada.

3. Congregational Renewal

"God has really shown us that the church is the people and not the walls in which you meet," says Kelly Freeman, member of West Hills Mennonite Church. "I've been in church all of my life and I think this has been one of the most impactful frameworks for being church together." Discover more about the changes West Hills began to implement; changes that grew out of teachings from ReLearning Community. ReLearning Community is a two-year spiritual journey that encourages us to question our assumptions about discipleship as we engage those around us with the gospel story. Twenty-two MCEC congregations have been, or are currently, a part of the ReLearning Community movement. Your generous partnership allows us to continue supporting congregations through ReLearning Community and other initiatives that focus on congregational health and vitality.

4. The Youth Ministry Dream Team

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The Youth Ministry Dream Team is gathering information about the current climate of youth ministry within MCEC. A team of regional young adults who are passionate about the church and youth are working with MCEC to assist in our listening and visioning. They will soon be contacting MCEC congregations to hold conversations about youth ministry. They will lead conversations with youth and junior youth about how they grow in faith, engage in church and how they want to be church together as MCEC. Your partnership will help the dream team and MCEC focus the future direction of youth ministry in MCEC.

Financial Giving Survey

mouse to clickWe are grateful for your willingness to partner with the wider church. Please complete this brief survey to share with us what your congregation hopes to contribute next year. This allows MCEC and MC Canada to plan programs, events and supports to help your congregation and your brothers and sisters in MCEC's 104 other faith communities, our nationwide community of faith and around the globe. Thank you.