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Newest Post: Youth and Worship -  Like any of us, youth also need to experience worshipping God that goes beyond Sunday morning. How are we inviting youth to take time to worship God in all parts of their lives? Discerning together with youth what is important for our worship and critically thinking through why we do what we do, will help everyone involved to understand what connects us to God in ways that feed our souls


Youth Ministry in Action

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A place to share about the youth ministry of a particular congregation within MCEC to inspire, encourage and connect us to God at work in the lives of youth, their leaders and churches. Join the discussion at the MCEC Youth Leaders Facebook page.

Interim Coordinator of Youth Ministry Resources
- Jean Lehn Epp

Jean Lehn Epp

MCEC is pleased to announce a new interim ministry role, Interim Coordinator of Youth Ministry Resources. “We have heard the many voices calling for support and resourcing in the area of youth ministry,” says Marilyn Rudy-Froese, Church Leadership Minister. “Our hope is that this interim role will bring us through an important time of discernment.”