Sexual Misconduct Definition

What is sexual misconduct by a church leader?

Congregations normally have a pastoral leader who has been formally credentialled by MCEC. Congregations also have numerous volunteer or lay leaders who are not credentialled by MCEC. MCEC believes that a church leader, whether credentialled or not-credentialled should never enter into sexualized behavior with a person for whom the leader is responsible or with whom they interact as a part of their professional or volunteer roles.

Sexualized behavior can include inappropriate discussion of sexual matters, sexualized touching, actions or words that communicate sexual interest or add an overt sexual dimension to a relationship, and any breach of sexual ethical standards that govern church leaders.

The church leader is always responsible to prevent such behavior. If you are uncertain how to interpret what you experienced, the person with whom you share your story will help you understand if your experience involved sexual misconduct.