Sexual Misconduct Sharing with MCEC

Why does MCEC want to know what happened?

MCEC expects that church leaders behave appropriately and respectfully. No one benefits from looking the other way when it comes to sexual misconduct. Even when it is hard to do so, it is better that the truth be heard.

MCEC is responsible for the licencing and credentialing of pastoral leaders, and therefore has the authority to investigate misconduct and then take necessary action.

MCEC does not licence or credential lay church leaders. If the misconduct is related to a non-credentialled church leader, then MCEC and SMARRT will support you in taking your concern to trusted leaders in your congregation. It is very important that your congregation takes the necessary steps to deal with sexual misconduct by a lay church leader. MCEC will support you in taking these steps and will support the congregation in addressing sexual misconduct by a non-credentialled church leader.