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Anabaptist Christian Resource Starter Kits

Authored by: 
Lisa Williams

Grace New Life girls singing with Starter Kit in background

Children at Grace New Life Mennonite Church (Hamilton) singing in worship. Anabaptist Christian Resource Starter Kit displayed on table.

When asked if a few Believer’s Church Bible Commentaries would assist sermon preparation, the pastor of Lao Canadian Evangelical Mennonite Church, Chinda Kommala responded immediately, “Yes, of course! We don’t have these books. It would be helpful not just for me, but for all of our people. We are still learning what it means to be Mennonite.”

Anabaptist Christian Resource Starter Kits developed from a conversation between Waterloo North Mennonite Church and MCEC staff. The kits bring Anabaptist resources to new congregations so leaders and families can grow in their identity as Anabaptists. Included in the kits are multi-age Sunday school curriculum, key books from the Believer’s Church Bible Commentary series, and a number of children’s books around the theme of peace to help establish the beginning of a children’s peace library.

Ten kits have been purchased for distribution so far. The most recent kit to Grace New Life Mennonite Church - a Laotian congregation worshipping in Hamilton.

Brian Bauman, MCEC Mission Minister states, “New congregations and leaders in MCEC are so hungry for resources that help their people to know Anabaptist core values. These starter kits are just one more way for churches in MCEC to share with each other.”