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New Interim Ministry Role: Interim Coordinator of Youth Ministry Resources

MCEC Initiates New Interim Ministry Role: Interim Coordinator of Youth Ministry Resources
Jean Lehn Epp Begins December 1, 2018

Jean Lehn EppMCEC is pleased to announce a new interim ministry role, Interim Coordinator of Youth Ministry Resources. “We have heard the many voices calling for support and resourcing in the area of youth ministry,” says Marilyn Rudy-Froese, Church Leadership Minister. “Our hope is that this interim role will bring us through an important time of discernment.”

An intentional MCEC consultation process begins January 2019 to discern directions and actions to support youth ministry into the future. An outside facilitator will lead the consultation and will include equal numbers of youth participants and adult participants. “We are excited to engage this conversation. We trust that when youth and adults come together to discuss the challenges and joys of ministry and faith in today’s context, we will hear each other in new ways. We want to come out of this consultation with a clear sense of how we are being called to minister with the youth in the church today,” says Marilyn. The process will conclude by April 2019 with findings presented at MCEC’s Annual Church Gathering.

MCEC has appointed Jean Lehn Epp to the role of Interim Coordinator of Youth Ministry Resources. “Ministry with youth has been my passion for over 25 years,” says Jean. “I am very excited to be laying the groundwork for networking and sharing of youth ministry resources within the MCEC church family. It is my hope and dream that we as the Mennonite Church engage youth and families in prayerful and intentional ways.”

Jean will connect congregations with youth ministry resources and promote annual events for the training of youth, pastors, youth workers, sponsors and parents. She will purposefully connect with youth ministry staff within MCEC congregations and regularly share insights and learnings with the MCEC community. As an ordained minister and a certified coach practitioner, she brings a passion and a depth of experience in working with youth and those who support them. “I am encouraged that the Spirit of God is at work among us to ignite this new initiative in support of youth ministry across MCEC. I look forward to connecting with individual churches to hear their stories of ministry with youth and sharing these with the MCEC community,” says Jean. “I envision myself as gathering the different threads of ministry with youth from across MCEC to be knitted together by God into a strong, supportive network.”

Jean begins her ministry on December 1, 2018; the role will extend through June 2019. “We are grateful that Jean has consented to fill this role for this crucial period of time,” says Marilyn. “The experience and wisdom she brings will be a gift to MCEC. We also recognize that this role will not answer all the questions, but we trust that it will offer an essential piece. We are excited to see where God will lead us in this time.”