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To Read It In Their Own Language

Authored by: 
Lisa Williams

Hakha-Chin Translation

“It’s my dream and vision that all Burmese people will have an understanding of these teachings,” said Pastor Jehu Lianching at the release of the Hakha-Chin translation of the Confession of Faith in an Anabaptist Perspective. “Today we celebrate the release of the Hakha-Chin translation, and in a few years we will celebrate the Burmese translation in Myanmar!” “And you’re all invited!” quipped Brian Bauman, MCEC Mission Minister.

MCEC is pleased to announce the release of the Hakha-Chin translation of the Confession of Faith in an Anabaptist Perspective. Forty-five MCEC pastors and congregational leaders, staff from various Anabaptist organizations, MCEC executive and mission councils, and many members of the Chin Christian Church gathered at 50 Kent in Kitchener, ON to celebrate this important release. Over the past year, Cung Lian Bik and Pastor Jehu Lianching have spent countless hours carefully translating and editing this confession into Hakha-Chin. “The confession of faith has been translated into many languages,” said Cung Lian Bik. “It was time for my people to read it in their own language.” Working with Christian Snyder of Pandora Press Publishing, the books are now printed and ready for distribution to Chin congregations and people across North America and in Myanmar.

Jehu Lianching and Cung Lian BikBrian Bauman invited those gathered to a time of prayer of blessing “Chin-style.” He explained that the first time he experienced this type of prayer it shocked him. He invited the group to stand and instructed them to all pray aloud at the same time. The prayer ebbed and flowed in English, Hakha-Chin, Lao, Hmong, Amharic and Mara-Chin until it quietly finished.

There are many dialects of Chin; the Hakha-Chin language originates from the capital city of Hakha, Chin State, Myanmar. There are approximately 500 Hakha-Chin people in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, 170 who are part of the Chin Christian Church.

“There are Chin leaders who want to see this book in the traditional homeland of their people in Myanmar and India. They will also deliver it to the Chin diaspora in Canada, USA, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia,” said Brian Bauman. “They believe it is of utmost importance that the Chin people know what Mennonites in Canada believe. Chin Mennonite leaders are not the “quiet in the land” when it comes to their appreciation of the Confession of Faith in an Anabaptist Perspective.”

For more information about the Hakha-Chin translation of the confession of faith, please contact Brian Bauman at or 855-476-2500 x 705.