Learning Commons Guide

Download this year’s guide (pdf)

Welcome to the learning journey!

This is your Guide to some of the events and signposts along the winding way. At the heart of the MCEC Learning Commons and this Guide are beliefs that: 

  1. God is moving and at work in our world and church with the goal of restoration, reconciliation and of course the growth of both church and individual into the likeness of Christ.
  2. It is a unique opportunity to be attentive and aligned with what God is doing within our life together and the world around us. The ability to align with God’s work is a reflection of our openness of mind, heart and will.

This year’s theme is “Digging Deep - Being mindful of God who strengthens our Leadership for the shared journey ahead.”

Guiding questions for all of us in MCEC:

  1. Respondents to the survey indicated a deep sense of need in the area of self-awareness and emotional health over the past year. How do we care for ourselves and others at this time of tremendous change, exhaustion, frustration and uncertainty?  What spiritual practices might sustain us?  Is there a renewed invitation to mindfulness as we seek to centre ourselves in the presence of God?
  2. One respondent noted that “building back as congregations and pastors after the pandemic” will begin simply by being together. How do we invest in each other and ourselves by fostering places of conversation, prayer, and encouragement?  (How can you shape conversation in your MCEC cluster toward these ends?)
  3. Much of leadership involves clarifying, articulating and lifting the core values and principles of those being led. The pandemic has stripped away the habits of faith and the traditions of attendance.  What is at the core of “WHY” you and I gather for worship, for mission and for…?  What are the faith practices, new and old, that can shape our leadership and our congregations and invite us to re-engage?
  4. We have experienced the current political context of division and polarization in our families and congregations, as we navigate questions of COVID practices, mandates and restrictions. What are the leadership characteristics and skills that help us be the leaders needed in a time like this?
  5. Electronic resources and challenges are likely to be not only the present but also the future of our ministry experiences.  What skills and practices can we cultivate to make these mediums helpful and encouraging?