Learning Commons Guide

Download this year’s guide (pdf)

Welcome to the learning journey!

This is your Guide to some of the events and signposts along the winding way toward the autumn of 2022. At the heart of the MCEC Learning Commons and this Guide are beliefs that: 

  1. God is moving and at work in our world and church with the goal of restoration, reconciliation and of course the growth of both church and individual into the likeness of Christ.
  2. It is a unique opportunity to be attentive and aligned with what God is doing within our life together and the world around us. The ability to align with God’s work is a reflection of our openness of mind, heart and will.

This year’s theme is “Building up Leaders - Courageous Imagination for a 'next normal.'”

Guiding questions for all of us in MCEC:

  1. Consultants and mediators are sharing with us that tensions usually manageable are needing attention in different ways. The pace of change, the depth of divisions and fatigue with our experience during COVID-19 highlight a leadership need to participate in conversations where tensions are higher.  What kind of theological grounding do I need in order to minister with a church that is both tired by these recent experiences and looking at what comes “next?”
  2. A courageous imagination will invite us to discern what the “next” normal will be. What is the definition of discernment?  What spiritual practices will shape my work of discernment and encourage that character of courage?
  3. On a personal level, which voices am I not hearing to shape who I am, how I see my life and live my faith? Do I live in an echo chamber?  What’s my plan for allowing God’s Spirit to direct my learning?

My own learning goals:

  1. By the summer of 2022, I hope to learn these new skills and/or ideas…
  1. By the summer of 2022, I hope to grow spiritually in these ways…
  1. By the summer of 2022, I hope to nurture relationships with the following people in MCEC…