Our Team

Our Staff

Yeabsra Agonfer
Events and Communicatons Coordinator

Yeabsra provides events coordination and communications coordination as part of the Courageous Imagination team, as well as support events, meetings and programs across MCEC. 

 tel. 226-476-2500 x703

Catherine Berube
Quebec Ministry Program Coordinator

Catherine supports MCEC's French speaking church plants and assists with French translation needs as part of the Mission Team of MCEC.

 tel. 226-476-2500

Kevin Derksen
Regional Ministry Associate

Kevin builds relationships with pastors within a geographical area of MCEC. He will connect you with resources and supports to enhance and enrich your ministry.

 tel. 226-476-2500 x716

Norm Dyck
Mission Minister

Norm works with newcomer congregations and church plants, as well as encourages congregational missional activities and disciple-making initiatives. He fosters intercultural connections across MCEC.

 tel. 226-476-2500 x707

Sean East
Financial Manager

Sean oversees the day-to-day financial operations of MCEC. He works with ReLearning Community and Informed Conversations. Contact Sean with financial questions or concerns.

 tel. 226-476-2500 x702

Katie Goerzen Sheard
Coordinator of Youth Events

Katie connects with MCEC youth and sponsors across MCEC. She brings together youth leaders and pastors and works with partners to plan youth events.

 tel. 226-476-2500


Wendy Janzen

Wendy works with congregations to empower them in their worship and witness with their communities engaging in the important work of caring for God's creation.

 tel. 226-476-2500 x715

Kim Kabbes
INNOVATE Program Coordinator

Kim provides administrative assistance and communications oversight for the INNOVATE network. INNOVATE provides coaching and resourcing to pastoral leaders and congregations who are eager to join God on mission in their context.


Ellen Kim
Administrative Coordinator
for the Church Leadership Office

Ellen works with the Church Leadership Minister and the church leadership team to support the needs of our pastors and congregational leaders.

 tel. 226-476-2500 x712

Fanosie Legesse
Intercultural Mission Minister

Fanosie is educator, listener, mentor and bridge-builder as he helps to foster relationships between and bring a cultural awareness to the MCEC community of congregations.

 tel. 226-476-2500 x711

Michel Monette
Catalyzer Minister

Michel works with new leaders and congregations in Ottawa and Quebec. He preaches, teaches and coaches those who are newly connecting with MCEC.

tel. 226-476-2500 x720

Leah Reesor-Keller
Executive Minister

Leah leads the mission of MCEC, inspiring congregations, leaders and staff in following the call of Christ to be the church today and into the future.

 tel. 226-476-2500 x706

John Reimer
Operations Director

John leads in the development and implementation of physical, technological, communications, financial and human resources.

 tel. 226-476-2500 x709

Stephen Reist
Regional Ministry Associate

Stephen builds relationships with pastors within a geographical area of MCEC. He will connect you with resources and supports to enhance and enrich your ministry.

 tel. 226-476-2500 x 717

Al Rempel
Regional Minister

Al works with congregations and pastors on behalf of the church leadership team. He helps congregations discover God's leading through Informed Conversations.

 tel. 226-476-2500 x719

Marilyn Rudy-Froese
Church Leadership Minister

Marilyn works closely with pastors and leaders and supports them in their calling, formation and placement as ministers and chaplains throughout MCEC.

 tel. 226-476-2500 x704

Joan Schooley
Office Administrator

Joan supports the day to day functioning of the office and provides administrative support to the Executive Minister and Operations Director. She can be found at the reception desk.

 tel. 226-476-2500 x700

Cathrin van Sintern-Dick
Regional Ministry Associate
Transitioning into Ministry/Learning Commons Coordinator

Cathrin builds relationships with pastors, coordinates the TiM program and curates the Learning Commons. She will connect you with resources and supports to enhance and enrich your ministry.

 tel. 226-476-2500 x718

Lisa Williams
Director of Communications

Lisa connects congregations through sharing stories of God's ministry in and through the people of MCEC and MC Canada.

 tel. 226-476-2500 x708


Executive Council Members

Arli Klassen

First Mennonite Church

Steph Chandler Burns
Council Member (Leave of Absence)

Erb Street Mennonite Church

Suzanne Bender
Council Member

Steinmann Mennonite Church

Felipe Gonzalía
Council Member

First Mennonite Church

Diane Lichti
Council Member

Tavistock Mennonite Church

J.D. Penner
Council Member

Toronto United Mennonite Church

Anthony Siegrist
Council Member

Ottawa Mennonite Church

Richard Steinmann
Council Member

Steinmann Mennonite Church

Jason Yuen
Council Member

Toronto Chinese Mennonite Church