New Congregations Join MCEC

Église Bethésda Mennonite de Saint-Hyacinthe - Provisional Congregation

The congregation began in February 2020 as a result of the church planting efforts of Mennonite Disciples Mission led by Garant Sungura. Begun by one family, Pastor Ayeba Amuri, his spouse, and their twelve children, the congregation has grown to five families with an attendance of 65 (30 of whom are children). Pastor Ayeba has been a member of the Mennonite church in Africa since 1996, and together with the leadership of the congregation feel strongly that being part of MCEC is like coming home to their family. The congregation includes immigrants from Congo, Central African Republic, Ivory Coast, Cameron, and Chad. The language of worship is primarily French and Swahili.

Église Jésus-Christ Appelle Tous - Provisional Congregation

The congregation officially launched on August 16, 2020 in what was only the beginning of a very challenging season. As a new church plant they faced numerous challenges including the rapid rise in rental costs, the Covid-19 pandemic and the accompanying restrictions on public gatherings. As a result the congregation began meeting via video conference, holding their first in person worship gathering in the summer of 2021. A congregation composed primarily of immigrants and refugees from Swahili speaking countries in East Africa, Église Jesus-Christ Appelle Tous declares their vision in the name of the congregation as they seek to be a church for all people (Jesus Christ calls all).

Hochma, Montreal, QC - Full Membership

The Hochma congregation has been a Provisional Member of MCEC since 2017. Planted as a non-traditional (missionary) church for the marginalized, the congregation formed an overnight “in from the cold” shelter just prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. During the pandemic their shelter grew rapidly, becoming Care Montreal, the largest shelter in the east end of Montreal. They have a strong group of committed leadership, serve in an under-resourced neighbourhood, and are a powerful example of serving the marginalized of their community.

Hochma is now a full member MCEC as a congregation and will be formally welcomed at Annual Church Gathering 2023.

Shalom Worship & Healing Centre - Full Membership

Planted in 2010 with a small group of eleven adults and meeting at First Mennonite Church, Shalom became a Provisional Membership in 2016. Today Shalom is a congregation of more than 400 – and they are young! They work hard to intentionally articulate an intercultural vision even as they are now still rooted in the rapid growth brought by new immigrants from Eritrea and Ethiopia.

Shalom Worship & Healing Centre is now a full member MCEC congregation. They will be formally welcomed at Annual Church Gathering 2023.