MCEC Announces Ministerial Misconduct

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Mennonite Church Eastern Canada (MCEC) received complaints of ministerial misconduct and ministerial sexual misconduct against Wilmer Martin, a credentialed pastor. MCEC investigated the allegations of misconduct according to the denominational protocol, Ministerial Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedure. As stipulated by the policy, MCEC appointed three investigators to investigate. 

After receiving the investigation report, Leadership Council conducted a hearing to hear from the investigators and the accused, after which the Leadership Council made a determination that the evidence against the accused was sufficiently compelling and credible to terminate his ministerial credential. The judgment of the Leadership Council was appealed by Wilmer Martin. After conducting a hearing, a three-member appeal panel determined that there are probable grounds to support the judgment and therefore affirmed the Leadership Council judgment.   

In accordance with MCEC practice, the termination of a pastor’s credential is announced publicly. This is an important step in facilitating the process of healing and being accountable to the constituency. It saddens MCEC to make this announcement and as painful as it may be, we as a faith community are called to support paths that lead to healing and wholeness. MCEC will do its best to walk alongside all those who are impacted. 

MCEC holds all pastors to a high standard of ethical conduct. We have policies, procedures, and training for pastoral leaders that promote safe and ethical interactions between pastors and participants in our faith communities. MCEC commits to ongoing review and strengthening of these safeguards. In addition, MCEC also has a web-based resource for understanding, reporting, and responding to sexual misconduct by church leaders. 

Our prayer is that God’s grace and compassionate love will support and enfold all those affected. In the same spirit, we invite your prayers for everyone involved.