Then Sings My Soul House

group eating at table

The doorbell rings and the din of noise increases as the newest person comes into the house, holding a dish or plate of food that is quickly whisked away to the kitchen. The conversation ebbs and flows until the next doorbell sounds, and the cycle begins again. This is Soul House gathering on a Monday night in Toronto for church. Eventually the group finds its way to the table for supper. “Someone will offer the communion loaf and drink, and share a favourite scripture about what Christ has done for us,” says Judith McCartney, pastor of Soul House. “After that I will preach and we’ll go into our study to unpack the scriptures together.”

Soul House meets in Judith’s home every week from September until June. She continues. “We are small enough so that no one can get lost and that you can’t not give back to your community.” The 10 — 20 people who call Soul House home are people who love Jesus. “People came because of their love for God and desire for a community. God welcomes all and it’s a safe place,” says Judith. “That’s how Soul House launched. I offered people a safe place to talk about and unpack faith. I invited them to my home.”

“That’s who we are,” Judith says. “We are a multi-layered, unique expression of church.”

Judith is also parish pastor to a group of people on-line. An on-line Bible study led by a woman at Soul House is an important connecting piece as well. “That’s who we are,” Judith says. “We are a multi-layered, unique expression of church.”

Soul House celebrates Matthew 28:16-20, known commonly as the Great Commission. They have a strong focus on community, discipleship, training and launching new unique expressions of church. “You need to look through the lens of where you are to find that unique expression of church. If you are an artist, maybe you can have church in the gallery. If you are a high level fitness trainer, perhaps hold church in your gym,” she explains. “Or, like Soul House, you might hold church in your home. We have a city lens; it is hard to church plant here in the city because the overhead costs are high.”

Soul House became an MCEC congregation with provisional membership in April 2020. “I want MCEC to know that this is a sacred space,” says Judith. “I just love the thought of a sacred space and the peace of Christ, and that together we are community. We need to be the Jesus who walks among the people.”

You can reach them to welcome them at Soul House Church – Connect City, Pastor Judith McCartney,