A Thanksgiving Sunday Like No Other!

people with masks burning mortgage papers

Westview Christian Fellowship had the most wonderful celebration on Thanksgiving Sunday 2020.

"A local business couple approached us and asked how they might help us in our ministry in St. Catharines, ON. They offered to pay off our $230,000 mortgage!
To celebrate, we had a mortgage burning ceremony where every one was given a copy of the mortgage. We wanted every single person to know that this gift was for them. Whether they had given .50 cents, $50.00 or $5,000 to Westview Christian Fellowship, they helped to pay this mortgage. This burning celebration included all of us.
We are truly grateful for the affirmation from our faith community and God to carry on the partnership we have with our community."
Erika Klassen on behalf of Westview Christian Fellowship from Facebook post.
Westview Christian Fellowship is an MCEC congregation in St. Catharines, ON. During the week Westview is a community hub for women in the Queenston Neighbourhood at Westview Centre4Women.