Courageous Imagination Prayer

Prayer for Community and Unity on the Journey

Holy and loving God,
     today we gather as your people with humility and deep thankfulness.
We are humbled that you call us, and empower us, to be your people.
     You are fully aware of all aspects of our humanity and our sin,
              still you pour out your Holy Spirit upon us,
              enabling us to be the community you are creating us to be.
We are humbled.

We are thankful, O God,
     for the rich diversity that exists in your church.
In particular, we are thankful for the growing and beautiful diversity
     that is present the part of your church we lovingly know as MCEC.
Yet, Holy God, you know that diversity also presents challenges.
Still, we are thankful.

As we enter this journey of intentionally listening
     to how you are calling us to be your church – to be a community of peace in a broken and hurting world –
     let us not forget to be humble and thankful.
With humility, let us remember that Jesus breaks down bearers
     that exist between us and God, and between us and others.
It is in him that we are saved, and are being saved, so that we can be one body.
As we talk with one another,
     anoint our ears with the power of your Holy Spirit so that we might listen deeply,
     and hear in the words of others, words that might be your word to us.
Let us be humble.

As you guide us on this journey, O God,
     we are thankful for those you have called into leadership for this time.
We are grateful for those leading us today, Mollee and Leah.
     For other MCEC staff, Executive Council members
     and others who will be discerning how you are speaking to us,
grant them wisdom and courage.

And, O God, you know there are those among us who have invested deeply to bring MCEC to where it is today.
Grant that we might not see that as having arrived,
     but as one step in the direction enabling your church
     – including MCEC – to become all that you are calling and empowering us to be for this time.
To that end, let us bless this generation you have called into leadership
to guide us on the journey of becoming the community you are creating among us.
     Make us humble.
     Make us thankful.
     Give us courage and imagination, for the journey.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.


Prayer shared by David Brubacher at the Courageous Imagination Prayer Gathering