How do I Listen for God with Seun Olowo-Ake

Listening for God is important as we continue on our journey faithfully following God together as people of MCEC.  Listen to Seun from Connect City as she shares how she listens for God.

Seun Olowo-Ake works with Connect City in the Toronto Scarborough region as the Technology Director. Seun is a Nigerian woman who moved to Canada in 2017 to obtain a degree in Media Production. This past summer, she worked with the youth at Warden Underground to produce podcasts (which she is very proud of), created videos for and with the amazing kids at Camp Unity and oversaw social media and content creation for Connect City. She is very excited to continue this and more as time goes on.

Seun loves Jesus, movies, music and food and is passionate about using the arts to show Jesus to the world!