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Setting Ministry Goals
Growing Together in Ministry

Professional development is an important and ongoing part of a church leader's spiritual and theological growth. Seminary cannot teach us all that we need to know to be good servants and leaders of God's people. We need to keep stretching our minds to stay current and engaged.

We thrive to equip new leaders through specialized programs and offer called pastors and leaders engaging opportunities to grow their pastoral core competencies. We work closely with our partners in ministry.


Ministry Events

The Competency Examen is the frame work for our Ministry Events and a unique self-reflection toll specifically designed for pastors and leaders in ministry. We have specific events which will help you grow in your core competencies.

Ministry Portfolio

As a lifelong learner you are invited to reflect on and build a way to observe your journey of learning.

  • Why build a ministry portfolio?
  • Template of a Ministry Portfolio
  • Core Competency Examen

Ministry Resources & Partners

As churches we gather valuable resources which we want to share and we are connected with many partners who provide us with opportunities.