Ministry Videos

Ministry Highlights in MCEC

A Kingdom Impact

Norm Dyck, Mission Minister - Together our goal is to create a network of church plants and established congregations who are seeking to make a kingdom impact across the whole spectrum of discipleship, leadership, community, mission and movement. MCEC continues to grow as a community of congregations inspired and challenged as we journey further along the path of courageous imagination to which God invites us.



A Lifelong Learning Journey

Al Rempel, Regional Minister - I want to share briefly with you about a relatively new ministry of MCEC called The Learning Commons that you as a person on a lifelong learning journey may find helpful. We continue to work to share workshops and learning experiences that may be of interest to you so that we could all grow in the ministry to which we felt called.


Leadership Ministry in MCEC

Marilyn Rudy-Froese, Church Leadership Minister - We walk with pastors and congregations through times of transition and crisis, we approve pastors for credentialing and we affirm the importance of providing financial support to pastors for their ongoing formation and renewal. Another part of our work as a Leadership Council is in the area of discipline of pastors. This past year has been particularly heavy and we invite you to join us in lament as together we listen for God's voice to lead us, for the presence of Christ to guide us, and for the Holy Spirit to fill us and comfort us.



Michel Monette, Catalyzer Minister - The churches today in Quebec are growing. And often I ask them the question why. Why MCEC? Why not another family? Why are you joining MCEC? And the answer they give me is, family!


Relationships Across International Borders

Norm Dyck, Mission Minister - Mennonite Church Eastern Canada is sharing gifts and building relationships across international borders through developing Anabaptist resources, congregational leaders, income generation and discipleship training, peacebuilding and conflict transformation ministry. These international relationships shape and challenge us as the church in Canada as we grow in our intercultural and global awareness.


Support for Youth Ministry in MCEC

Katie Goerzen Sheard, Coordinator of Youth Ministry Events - We have not had our typical in-person youth retreats this past year. Instead we had online resources for youth groups or individuals. We've also had monthly Zoom gatherings with youth pastors, youth workers and youth sponsors as a time to share the joys and challenges of working with youth. You’re welcome to join us!


The Next Normal of Pastoral Ministry

Al Rempel, Regional Minister - Last year pastors and congregations needed to adapt and change how we connected. We appreciate our pastors who have made so many changes and lived with so many challenges as we work together at the next normal of being in pastoral ministry.


Transitioning Into Ministry

Marilyn Rudy-Froese, Church Leadership Minister - One of the goals of the leadership office is to nurture pastors on their journey of ministry. One way we do this is through the Transitioning into Ministry, or the Tim program. This program is geared toward pastors who are beginning in ministry or new to ministry in MCEC.


We Are Ready!

Fanosie Legesse, Intercultural Mission Minister - We are ready to journey the journey of humility, compassion and empathy. We are ready like Jesus to love the other. We are ready to say in Christ we are parts of one body. We are ready to become an intercultural church.