MCEC Appoints Stephen Reist as MCEC Regional Ministry Associate

Providing Support to Pastors and Chaplains across MCEC

Stephen Reist“I hope to be a listening friend to many pastors - one who can sympathize, encourage, pray with and bless those with whom I share this unique calling in these unique times,” says Stephen Reist. “I have benefited in so many ways from the mentoring and coaching support of colleagues in ministry that I’ve been inspired to provide the same.”

MCEC is pleased to announce the appointment of Stephen Reist as MCEC Regional Ministry Associate. He joins Regional Ministry Associates (RMAs), Kevin Derksen and Cathrin van Sintern-Dick, as part of the church leadership ministry team. Since 2017, RMAs have provided support for MCEC pastoral leaders.

“As a leadership office we seek to support, encourage and strengthen pastoral ministry within MCEC,” says Marilyn Rudy-Froese, Church Leadership Minister. “Regional Ministry Associates are intentional in their efforts to listen to and support pastors in their ministries.” 

"Like the early church, we will need to support each other, if we are to adapt well and faithfully.” - Stephen Reist

RMAs attend geographical cluster gatherings and connect with pastors across MCEC. In addition, they collaborate as a team with the Regional Minister and the Church Leadership Minister to resource leadership needs in MCEC. 

Al Rempel, Regional Minister, says, “We are pleased that Stephen is joining this team with his dedication and generous spirit. He brings a warm pastoral presence, attention to people and their needs and a sensitivity to the work of God that he hopes to discern with others as they too minister and share gifts.” 

 “I believe God is inviting the wider church to move away from viewing leadership as a solo act and embrace leadership in the context of a supportive, accountable, collaborative community of leaders.  I read in the book of Acts and many of the New Testament letters references to what seems to be a network of leaders working together, supporting Paul’s ministry, moving from church to church as needed,” says Stephen. “I think that as the form of church changes in Canada over the next few decades our models of leadership will also adapt. Like the early church, we will need to support each other, if we are to adapt well and faithfully.”

Stephen has served in several congregational settings as well as starting and supporting a community ministry initiative. He and his family live in Glen Williams, ON and he is currently interim pastor at Danforth Mennonite Church in Toronto. Stephen begins his ministry with MCEC on January 15, 2022. You can reach him at