Burning Bush Forest Church Joins MCEC

people standing and sitting in forest in worshipBurning Bush Forest Church began meeting outdoors for worship in March of 2016. They are a small, experimental worshipping group; individuals who have found themselves longing for connection with the Divine Spirit in the natural world. Their name, Burning Bush Forest Church, comes from a verse in Exodus where God speaks to Moses in the form of a burning bush. The voice from the bush instructs Moses: “Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.”

Worship themes the past year have included Winter’s Sacred Blessings, Kinship with Creation, Sunset & Stargazing, Encircling Prayer and World Communion.

Wendy Janzen provides leadership to Burning Bush Forest Church. She is an ordained pastor and MCEC Eco-Minister. Burning Bush Forest Church joins MCEC as a Provisional Congregation and will be welcomed at the MCEC Annual Church Gathering in April 2022.

Photo: People worship God in the forest