Video - Fanosie Legesse: Where does our Transformation, Inspiration and Calling come from?

May 4th

We are willing to journey together;

          to carry each other’s burdens;

                  to cry with those who cry;

                             to laugh with those who laugh; and

                                       to celebrate with those who celebrate.


We have a great cloud of witnesses to refer to when you don't know what to do about the change that you are facing!

Why should we pursue following Jesus Christ together, covenanting to one another, to God, and to creation? 

The author of our faith knows how to run, knows how to help you to run, he knows how to start and how to finish and he knows how to make us fit for the race.

Where does our transformation, inspiration and calling come from? We are called to love like Jesus, follow Jesus whereever he takes us. Our inspiration comes from Jesus Christ.