MCEC Video Challenge

July 19th

Ann L. Schultz and Felipe Gonzalia, producer, creating and reviewing video.

How is your congregation being transformed, inspired and called?

We thought it would be fun to offer an exclusive insider look at how excited we are to be serving alongside congregations and our many wonderful partners as we are transformed, inspired and called. Watch our video and accept the MCEC Video Challenge.

  • How is your congregation being transformed?
  • Where is your inspiration coming from?
  • What do you feel called into?

This is your invitation to accept the MCEC Video Challenge. 

Make your own short video (3 – 7 minutes) sharing what you and your congregation are excited about. We are excited to share these videos at next year’s Annual Church Gathering in Leamington, ON. What an amazing story it will be of how God is transforming, inspiring and calling people across MCEC.

Please submit your videos or questions to Lisa Williams, Director of Communications. 

We grow, learn and serve best in relationship with others, listening for God together. Join us in this amazing story of God’s beloved people in MCEC.


Grab your cell phone or camera and hit record!
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Video Tips:

  • Grab your cell phone or cameras and hit record!
  • If you are using your phone to record your video, please ensure you are holding your camera in "landscape" orientation as opposed to a "portrait" orientation. (YouTube orientation as opposed to TicToc orientation.)
  • Use “forward facing” camera as opposed to “selfie” camera. Typically, the forward facing camera has higher resolution.
  • Take note of lighting – is your subject well lit?
  • Take note of audio: Are you outside? Can you hear the wind? You may wish to move to a more sheltered area. Are you inside? Is there an echo?
  • Take note of music, if applicable: Use royalty free stock music.
  • Use a tripod or monopod for stability of video.
  • Please ensure your video is approximately 3-7 minutes in length