Apr 23rd, 2021MCEC Annual Church Gathering

If registering more than one person

Please note that the registration system cannot take multiple registrations.  Each individual will need to be registered separately.  Enter in the information for the first participant then submit their registration.  You will need to go back to the registration page to fill out and submit the next individual.  

Please put the participant's home address and phone number, NOT the church information. Thank you.

Please indicate each session you will be attending. Our gathering has three parts this year. We invite you to register for the complete weekend but you can also register for one or two of the sessions if you are unable to attend all three. Delegates should attend all three sessions as voting decisions will be in each.

I will attend...

Everyone is welcomed to attend! Each congregation is invited to register delegates and attendees. Please indicate whether you are an official delegate. Each MCEC congregation (Provisional and Full Membership) can register three adult delegates and one youth delegate. If your congregation has more than 150 members, simply add one delegate for every 50 congregational members above 150 members.

Please DO NOT click the submit button more than once.  Doing so will send multiple registrations.