Podcast Discussion with Andie, Hanna and Aidan

Jun 10th, 2021Podcast Discussion with Andie, Hanna and Aidan

How has your congregation shaped your faith journey?  What are the hopes and dreams of youth for our church? Take some time reflecting on these questions and come ready to share your thoughts.

We'll also get the opportunity to continue the conversation with Hanna, Aidan and Andie.

Hanna is an active community member and Youth leader to Bethel Ethiopian Evangelical Church. She enjoys cultivating communities and using art, expression and film to express truths and foster connection. She has a bachelors in Global Business and Digital Arts and hopes to further her education in the coming years.

Aidan is currently a grade 12 student finishing up high school at Rockway Mennonite Collegiate in Kitchener, Ontario. He is part of the congregation of St. Jacob's Mennonite Church in St. Jacob's, Ontario and has also been regularly attending youth events and services with Toronto United Mennonite Church. In the fall, he will travel to the University of British Columbia in Vancouver to study science and will continue to pursue climate activism.

Andie is one of the leaders of the youth group at Grace Assembly Family church in Montreal. Her driving passion is representing God and being always used by God. Andie and her husband, Darell, have been married since 2018 and is currently living in Montreal with their son, Darwen. Andie is a sister, a friend, and a role model for many. She is a nurse and the owner of scrub me Up, an online uniform store for health care professionals. As a Christian and a nurse, Andie feels blessed to be able to do good in the world and make a difference everyday. Andie is also a member of the mission council at MCEC.

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About the Podcast Discussion Forums

Courageous Imagination is a journey that we are taking to listen for God and reflect on questions that will help to guide and shape the future direction of MCEC. The Podcast Discussion Forums are one way of providing a space that will allow us to hear and engage with each other and help shape how we move forward in our journey.  It is important that all voices are heard in a safe environment. We want to have conversations that are respectful and loving, being mindful of principles set at the beginning of the journey.

  • Faithfulness and Openness
  • Humility and Integrity
  • Vision and Leadership
  • Community and Unity 

Podcast Discussion Forum Outline

Each discussion forum begins at 7pm and ends at 8pm (EDT).  During the Q&A time all questions are to be typed into the chat feature in Zoom and the chat moderator will present the questions to the guest(s). 

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  • Question and Answer (Q&A) with the podcast guest(s).
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