Oct 25th, 2022Living Our Faith: Shaping Community Culture

Living Our Faith: Shaping Community Culture  

What does it look like to take vision, mission and values statements off the page, and start weaving them into the fabric of your faith community? A community’s culture is shaped by the visible and hidden, spoken and unspoken expectations, values and assumptions shared by the group. How can we be intentional in shaping MCEC’s culture based on our newly adopted Identity and Priorities as a regional church community? How might you do this in your congregation or faith community setting?  

Join Leah Reesor-Keller for a time of learning, discussion and brainstorming practical culture-shaping actions. Bring along your congregation’s vision/mission statement for reflection. As a living example of culture-shaping, the workshop format will seek to embody MCEC’s values of beloved-ness, spirituality, transformation, community, hospitality, peace & justice.  

October 25, 10am - 12pm
50 Kent Community Room
Cost: $35