Jun 13th, 2024Special Delegate Voting Meeting 2024

This special delegate meeting is a VOTING meeting:

  1. to vote on acceptance of MCEC's audited financial statements for year end January 31, 2024 and;
  2. to vote on approval of a financial auditor for the fiscal year ending January 2025.


MCEC Executive Council and Executive Team have intentionally decided to delay the vote on MCEC’s 2023 audited statements. MCEC’s fiscal year-end is January 31, leaving three months to complete the audit and distribute the audited financial statements. This has always been a tight timeline for MCEC Finance. With continuing staff transitions, and as a way to avoid the possibility of last-minute postings of the audited financial statements, the intentional delay allows MCEC and the auditor to complete this important work thoughtfully and thoroughly. We will also defer the vote for approval of a financial auditor for the fiscal year ending January 2025. 

We will present the internal financial statements, as has been our practice, at the Annual Church Gathering on Friday, April 26, 2024. There will be the opportunity to discuss these statements at the ACG, however, the vote to accept the audited financial statements and the approval of the financial auditor will take place via Zoom during this special meeting of delegates on Thursday, June 13th at 7:00 p.m.  

Laurie Castello, MCEC’s new operations and finance director, and Rich Steinmann, chair of MCEC’s Audit and Finance Committee, will present the audited financial statements. Ed Simon, MCEC’s auditor, will also be present. We anticipate this will be a short delegate meeting. Please be assured that this delayed vote is still in full compliance with the legal requirements of the annual meeting.

If you have registered for this meeting on the Annual Church Gathering registration form, there is no need to re-register.