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Call for German Mennonite Poetry | Do you or your relatives have self-composed German Mennonite poetry that you're interested in sharing with the community? Brubacher House Artists-in-Residence are collecting previously untranslated German language poems for a bilingual collection of German Mennonite poetry from the Waterloo Region. Email submissions to More information at


Unmasking, Breathing, Moving Forward

Grebel Gallery Exhibit, Conrad Grebel University College, 4th floor

September 6 - December 16, 2022 

Life during the pandemic has been challenging for everyone. During this period, the harsh realities of oppression and racism were cruelly unveiled in front of our eyes. The question of how we move forward is often asked, and difficult to answer. This exhibit is comprised of 17 Black, Indigenous, and racialized artists responding to their experiences during COVID-19. Unmasking aims to offer insights into a way forward that is perceptive to marginalized voices.


Against the Grain: Mennonite Archives, Indigenous Histories
Archival Exhibit. Mennonite Archives of Ontario Gallery and Milton Good Library, 3rd Floor at Conrad Grebel.
May 2022 - April 2024

Brush a piece of napped fabric against the grain and contrasting colours and patterns appear. Historians read documents against the grain to make visible multiple and diverse experiences of the past. Reading against the grain is one way to uncover hidden Indigenous histories and colonial legacies. Curated by Archivist Laureen Harder-Gissing, this exhibit features documents from the Mennonite Archives of Ontario that invite viewers to practice reading histories of Indigenous and Mennonite encounter against the grain.