Finance Resources

  • Congregational Remittance Form

    - Fillable Form in Excel - Simply tab through the fields.
    - PDF version - for printing and mailing purposes

  • Staff Payroll and Benefits

    • Pastors Salary Guidelines and Worksheet (published by MC Canada)
      These Salary Guidelines come to you after consultation with and within the Regional Churches of Mennonite Church Canada. They are intended to provide some uniformity across the denomination while allowing for adjustments based on the local cost of living. Following a major review in 2015, the guidelines undergo minor annual revisions based on feedback received from pastors, congregations and area churches. The salary scale figures are adjusted annually on the basis of the Consumer Price Index. A national guideline has limitations and does not work equally well across the country. We publish a national guideline because we believe that we should strive for common understandings and equitable compensation for all pastors in Mennonite Church Canada. At the same time, we encourage pastors and congregations to adapt it to particular circumstances.

    • Congregational Pension & Benefits Remittance Forms

    • Nationwide Benefits Plan
      Mennonite Church Canada offers its congregations and associated organizations membership in a Nationwide Benefits Plan. The coverage is offered by Manulife.

    • Pension Plan
      • Statement of Investment Policy and Goals
      • Plan information and participation rules
      • Pension and Benefits Enrollment and Payment Procedures
      • How To Enroll

    • Clergy Residence Deduction

    • Payroll Deduction Online Calculator Instructions

      Payroll calculation and remittance can be stressful activity for congregational treasurers who are not able to keep up with the latest legislation that impacts the salary and deductions that effect staff pay if you do not have access to third party software that calculates payroll for you.

      To assist with this, Canada Revenue Agency has a helpful online tool that requests the necessary inputs from the user and then calculates most of the relevant deductions to arrive at the appropriate net pay that a gross salary should provide. MCEC has developed a step by step instruction sheet for how to use the online tool.