Councils & Committees

We need your help and expertise!

Each year the Gift Discernment Committee prayerfully contacts people throughout MCEC to ask if they would serve on one of the councils or committees. There is also a role of credentialing interview recorder which is needed two or three times a year. Help us with this process by volunteering, or nominating someone, for one of the roles. Please note whether you have spoken with the nominee already.

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Credentialing Interview Recorder

Provide word processing transcription services as interview committee interview pastors two or three times a year.

Executive Council

The Executive Council has overall responsibility for the operations of MCEC. In this capacity, it shapes the identity, vision and purpose of MCEC; develops strategic plans with the Executive Minister and the staff team, consistent with their understanding of how the Spirit is nudging the church; and, oversees the ministries undertaken by MCEC in response to it's discernment of where the Spirit is leading.

Finance Council

Oversee the fiscal, legal, property and administrative aspects of MCEC as a corporation to provide a supportive framework for the MCEC ministries.

Gift Discernment Committee

The Gift Discernment Committee (GDC) connects the gifts of God’s people in MCEC with ministry opportunities in our wider community of congregations.

Leadership Council

The Leadership Council oversees the calling, training and credentialing of pastoral leaders in order to maintain a strong base of congregational leadership.

Mennonite Church Canada Joint Council

Joint Council oversees the mission and ministry of MC Canada in supporting the five MC Canada Regional Churches to fulfill their mission and to connect them the Canadian-wide and global witness and ministry opportunities.

Mission Council

The Mission Council oversees church planting and adoption and nurtures disciple-making initiatives in our congregations. They foster intercultural development within MCEC and support MCEC leaders and congregations in their efforts to teach faith through an Anabaptist lens in their country of origin.

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Task Groups

Task Groups may be formed on an as needed basis for a specfic event or project.