The "New Normal" - What's Coming Next?

May 2020 Pastoral Conversation

A peer conversation exploring ministry in a time of pandemic.

Panelists:  Jim Brown, Kara Carter, Mark Diller-Harder, & Nancy Frey
Moderator:  Al Rempel


  1. As you wonder about when and how the congregation may start its community life again, what fears and concerns do you think you will need to address to take initial steps?
  2. Public Health officials are already inviting businesses to look at different innovations for how they can adjust to the needs for social distancing.  What are initial ideas you are considering as we look at the next steps?  (Parking lot church?; Hybrid model of online and small group)
  3. What are the assets of your congregational system that you hope to draw on as you begin to shape the next steps of congregational life?
  4. Breakout Room Discussion: What ideas have the panelists prompted for you as you consider next steps for your congregational setting?

Following this conversation a number of pastors asked if there could be a place where we would collect what pastors’ are finding as helpful resources and articles that others might benefit from.  The chat with links to article that were brought are listed below. If you would wish to contribute or find other resources please comment or review comments on this article.

We are certainly all in this together and finding ways to help each other along the way is the character and spirit of our church – thanks for the significant ministry you are doing.

Edited chat conversation: