Transitioning into Ministry

What is TiM?

TiM provides a three-year formational experience for beginning pastors or pastors new to MCEC to assist them in integrating their seminary training into the life and ministry of a congregation and to develop faithful habits and practices. It also draws on the wisdom of experienced pastors and provides them with the opportunity to help equip and support the next generation of leaders.



  •  Congregational Support
  • Pastoral Continuing Education Funds
    • $350 (each of the three years)
  • MCEC
    • Dedicated staff time
    • Consistent financial support from budget
  • Donor Support
    • Through generous contributions, we are able to provide subsidies for this ministry. Please be in touch with Marilyn Rudy-Froese
  • Bursaries/Subsidies
    • For participants who have additional travel/conference call costs
    • For congregations who have limited funds

TiM Equipping Days


  • Two 2.5-day events per year
  • Worship, prayer and spiritual reflection
  • Group coaching - two 2-hour sessions
  • Educational components - based on issues identified by participants or coaches
  • Personality inventories - to help participants understand personality types and areas of strength and challenge in working with others
  • Informal activities - rest, recreation, connections
  • Held at Hidden Acres Mennonite Camp, New Hamburg, ON

Group Coaching


  • Groups of 6-8 beginning pastors
  • Led by trained clergy coaches
  • Participants will share case studies and receive feedback from coaches and colleagues
  • Groups will meet twice during Equipping Day events
  • Groups will meet twice between Equipping Day events

Pastoral Mentors


  • Beginning pastors meet regularly with experienced pastor as a mentor during the three years.
  • Coaches are available to consult with mentors

Congregation Resource Person


  • Regional Minister will work with congregational leaders to develop a hospitable environment that supports congregation and pastor and addresses unique aspects of working with and forming beginning pastors.

Program Committments


  • Pastor will attend two 2.5 day equipping events each year.
  • Pastor will engage in Group Coaching sessions of 6-8 beginning pastors, led by trained clergy coaches, sharing case studies and receiving feedback from coaches, as well as their colleagues
  • Pastor will meet twice during equipping events and twice between equipping events
  • Pastor will meet regularly with an experienced pastor as a mentor
  • Pastor, Congregation and MCEC will covenant together regarding the financial commitment for the program - bursaries are available.

How do I find out more about TiM?

Contact one of our MCEC team members to learn more about TiM

Marilyn Rudy-Froese