Transitioning Into Ministry
A Formational Program for Pastors in MCEC

"So Pastors might THRIVE in ministry rather than merely SURVIVE."

What is

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What Can You, as a Congregation, Expect?

TiM is a program to support pastors in their first ministry expereience and the congregations who call them.

Congregational Resource Person

Regional Minister will work with congregtional leaders to develop a hospitable environment that supports congregation and pastor and addresses unique aspects of working with and forming beginning pastors.

Program Commitments

  • Pastor will attend two 2.5 day equipping events each year.
  • Pastor will engage in Group Coaching sessions of 6-8 beginning pastors, led by trained clergy coaches, sharing case studies and receiving feedback from coaches, as well as their colleagues
  • Pastor will meet twice during equipping events and twice between equipping events
  • Pastor will meet regulary with an experienced pastor as a mentor
  • Pastor, Congregation and MCEC will covenant together regarding the financial commitment for the program - for congregations who have limited funds to pay for their pastor's participation, burseries are available.

Thinking about TiM for your congregation?

Take a listen to Marianne and Muriel, co-creators of MCEC's TiM Program, to hear what they have to say about the important role of the congregation in nurturing new pastors.

MCEC Congregations Who Have Participated

  • Bethany Mennonite Church
  • Breslau Mennonite Church
  • The Commons
  • Elmira Mennonite Church
  • Faith Mennonite Church
  • Floradale Mennonite Church
  • Hagerman Mennonite Church
  • Hanover Mennonite Church
  • Hillcrest Mennonite Church
  • Jane Finch Faith Community
  • Kingsfield, Clinton
  • Leamington United Mennonite Church
  • Listowel Mennonite Church
  • Milverton Mennonite Church
  • Mississauga Mennonite Church
  • North Leamington United Mennonite Church
  • Poole Mennonite Church
  • St. Catharines United Mennonite Church
  • St. Jacobs Mennonite Church
  • Stirling Avenue Mennonite Church
  • Tavistock Mennonite Church
  • Toronto United Mennonite Church
  • Valleyview Mennonite Church
  • Vineland United Mennonite Church
  • Waterloo-Kitchener United Mennonite Church
  • Waterloo North Mennonite Church
  • Waters Mennonite Church
  • Wellesley Mennonite Church
  • West Hills Mennonite Fellowship
  • Wideman Mennonite Church

How do I find out more about TiM?

Contact one of our MCEC team members to learn more about TiM

Marilyn Rudy-Froese