Transitioning Into Ministry
A Formational Program for Pastors in MCEC

"So Pastors might THRIVE in ministry rather than merely SURVIVE."

What is

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TiM is a 3-Year Program

  • Beginning pastors will be supported so their first ministry experience prepares them for a lifetime of effective ministry.
  • Pastors will gain colleagues and the wider church as resources
  • Pastors and congregations will discover how to be covenant communities to learn and grow together and be "worthy of the calling to which we have been called." (Eph. 4:1)

What Can You, as a Pastor, Expect?

TiM Equipping Days, Coaching, and Mentoring are three of the organized pieces in that process.

TiM Equipping Days

  • Two 2.5-day events per year
  • Worship, prayer and spiritual reflection
  • Group coaching - two 2-hour sessions
  • Educational components - based on issues identified by participants or coaches
  • Personality inventories - to help participants understand personality types and areas of strength and challenge in working with others
  • Informal activities - rest, recreation, connections
  • Held at Hidden Acres Mennonite Camp, New Hamburg, ON

Group Coaching

  • Groups of 6-8 beginning pastors
  • Led by trained clergy coaches
  • Participants will share case studies and receive feedback from coaches and colleagues
  • Groups will meet twice during Equipping Day events
  • Groups will meet twice between Equipping Day events

Pastoral Mentors

  • Beginning pastors meet regularly with experienced pastor as a mentor during the three years.
  • Coaches are available to consult with mentors

Financial Support Breakdown

  • Congregational Support: $1,750 (each of the three years)
  • Pastoral Continuing Education Funds: $350 (each of the three years)
  • MCEC
    • Dedicated staff time
    • Consistent financial support from budget
  • Donor Support
    • Through generous contributions, we are able to provide subsidies for this ministry. Please be in touch with Marilyn Rudy-Froese, Church Leadership Minister.
  • Bursaries/Subsidies
    • For participants who have additional travel/conference call costs
    • For congregations who have limited funds

How do I find out more about TiM?

Contact one of our MCEC team members to learn more about TiM

Marilyn Rudy-Froese