Transitioning Into Ministry
A Formational Program for Pastors in MCEC

"So Pastors might THRIVE in ministry rather than merely SURVIVE."

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What is TiM?

TiM provides a three-year formational experience for beginning pastors or pastors new to MCEC to assist them in integrating their seminary training into the life and ministry of a congregation and to develop faithful habits and practices. It also draws on the wisdom of experienced pastors and provides them with the opportunity to help equip and support the next generation of leaders.

Beginning and new to MCEC pastors

Pastors receive enriched mentoring, spiritual formation, teaching sessions, group coaching, and group retreats. They will experience a safe, collegial environment where they can develop networks of peer support as they explore concerns and questions, and grow in ministry.

MCEC Congregations 

Congregations of beginning pastors will have a congregational resource person to assist them to develop a hospitable environment, and faithful practices that support growth in ministry.


Costs for the program are shared three ways by:

the congregation
the pastor's continuing education funds

Because of generous donors, there are some funds available to assist smaller or struggling congregations and pastors for whom the cost may be prohibitive.

How do I find out more about TiM?

Contact one of our MCEC team members to learn more about TiM

Marilyn Rudy-Froese