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Courageous Imagination Podcast Facilitation Guide

The Courageous Imagination podcast series was created as part of MCEC's Courageous Imagination discernment process. This was culminated in the Identity, Purpose and Values statement adopeted by MCEC delegates at the 2022 Annual Church Gathering.

This 10-session guide can be used in small group settings, adult Sunday School classes, can be broken
into smaller sections or edited to fit your online Zoom services. Each session is centered around a topic
and is meant to help us exercise our imagination muscles.

This guide is created to be used in conjunction with the Courageous Imagination Podcast episodes.

Let’s journey together as we sharpen the shared vision and direction of where God is taking us next as the people of MCEC.

Download the Guide

Many people have invested deeply in MCEC to bring us to where we are today
and we continue to build upon their faithfulness.

Our vision is to grow as communities of grace, joy and peace,
so that God's healing and hope can flow through us to the world.

This journey is to bring us forward to live into the shared vision and direction of where God is taking us next.

Beginning the Journey with Prayer

Read a message from Leah Reesor-Keller, MCEC Executive Minister, as she shares about the Courageous Imagination virtual prayer gathering that took place on February 14, 2021. The journey itself is as important as where we end up. Like a pilgrimage, it is a shared experience that will transform us along the way. The outcome is the mission, values and strategic priorities that will shape all of us in the years to come. Beginning this journey in prayer roots us in the past, grounds us in the present and stretches us into the future.