Licensing Toward Ordination

The licensing toward ordination credential "is usually issued for a minimum of a two-year period for the purpose of testing the inner and outer call to ministry. Further discerning of ministerial gifts, abilities, and aptitude may or may not lead to ordination. … The license credential ends when the person is ordained or is no longer serving in the present ministry assignment."


"Ordination is a joint act of the congregation, the area conference, and the denomination, which call and appoint a member to ongoing leadership ministry in the life and mission of the church. The ordination act includes the covenant between the church and the person being ordained, the laying on of hands, and the prayer of blessing for ordination."

Licensing for Specific Ministry

This credential is time specific, location specific, or ministry-role specific. It does not usually move toward ordination. This credential is for a person who does not sense a personal call to ordained ministry… The credential continues as long as the person is engaged in a leadership-ministry assignment within the congregation, or another specialized leadership ministry (church planters, chaplains, area-church and national-church staff).


Commissioning is a blessing given by a congregation for persons performing specialized tasks in the congregation, for missionaries, or for Christian service workers. It is congregation based and does not require area-conference action.

Transferring Credentials

When an ordained minister in the Mennonite Church moves to another regional church, the receiving regional church will request the transfer of their credential.