Fall Gathering Materials

Stories of Courageous Imagination

How and where is God inspiring courageous imagination? How is God moving and leading in ways that maybe would not have happened had Covid-19 not happened?

  • Creative Youth Ministry - Rebecca Penner, Bethany Mennonite Church
  • Leadership Adjustments - Kendall Jongejan Harder, North Leamington United Mennonite Church
  • Opportunities of Witness - Jonathan Abrham, Shalom Worship and Healing Centre

New Congregations

  • Grace New Life Mennonite Church
  • MDM Joliette
  • Soul House
  • Warden Underground


  • Leah Reesor-Keller, Executive Minister
  • Fanosie Legesse, Intercultural Minister Minister

Stories of Creative Imagination

Creative Youth Ministry - Courageous Imagination

Courageous Imagination at Bethany Mennonite Church. Spend time with Rebecca Penner, youth pastor. Here how she has found creative ways to create community, even when socially distanced.

Over the last seven and a half months there really hasn’t been any normal. How do we turn this into as positive of a thing as it can be? I think for youth it’s more a story of learning to not only survive but also find ways to thrive in the middle of all the chaos. What matters is that we’re still just finding ways to be a community with each other. - Rebecca Penner

Leadership Adjustments - Courageous Imagination

Hear of the baptism in Leamington as Kendall Jongejan Harder reflects how Covid-19 has changed many things about pastoring but yet the essentials remain the same. He reminds us that God is with us.

For the baptism I said the words and had their three family members pouring the water. It was one of those moments in COVID that have been somewhat rare where there’s just joy in worship in a way that has been hard during this time I think. COVID has impacted everything about being a pastor. Everything is different and at the same time, in the essentials, nothing is different. I am still a pastor, God is still walking this journey with us and leading us, we are still followers of Christ. - Kendall Jongejan Harder

Opportunities of Witness - Courageous Imagination

Discover ministry at Shalom Worship and Healing Centre in Kitchener with Pastor Jonathan Abrham as they move their baptism into the park as an opportunity to be a light in the world.

We were seeking an opportunity to shine the light without preaching or speaking and because we baptized in the park, many people got the opportunity to ask us: Who are you? and Why are you doing this? We actually found it as an opportunity to tell the story of Jesus Christ – extend the peace of peace in the park. God is giving us a time of reflection, a time of thinking, a time of prayer. But while we pray and think we need to realize that God’s power is with us. We want to break through this time of COVID and face the new normal with Jesus Christ, with the Holy Spirit. - Pastor Jonathan Abrham


New Congregations 2020


Installation of Leah Reesor-Keller, MCEC Executive Minister

"We are the people of Mennonite Church Eastern Canada. We are not here to be an institution; we are a spiritual movement together, seeking to follow Jesus in life and put our faith into action. We are a movement that builds up communities of healing and hope, sharing God’s love out in a hurting world.  I’m passionate about building this movement with you, seeking to discern and follow God’s leading among us."


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Installation of Fanosie Legesse, MCEC Intercultural Mission Minister

"It is a time of being the light as our church is becoming a church that embraces diversity, nurtures belonging and also takes advantage of giftings of every nation, tribe and language.

I am delighted to be your Intercultural Mission Minister and I promise to unpack what is intercultural, what is missional, and what is a minister in this position."

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