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Building a Shared Story: Courageous Imagination

As the people of MCEC, we are on a journey of courageous imagination together to build a shared story. This is a community spiritual discernment process where as a regional church body - a gathered community - we will look to where God is calling us.

Extending the peace of Jesus Christ, making disciples, growing congregations and forming leaders are vision and mission statements that have served us well since their development in 2005. It is time to come together again to seek God’s wisdom intentionally as we look to the future of MCEC.

Below you will find information about the Courageous Imagination discernment process and ideas for ways you and your congregation can be involved in sharing your own reflections on God’s calling for us as regional church. You will also find stories about individuals, congregations and pastors who are living out God’s call to build community and reach out in love as we follow Jesus together.

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Courageous Imagination Podcast

  1. "Listening For God" with guest Margaret Nally
  2. "Where is God at Work doing New Things" with guest Betty Pries
  3. "Trusting God on Our Journey" with guests Craig Frere and Linda Tiessen-Belch 
  4. "Who are We Together? What is the Church that We are Becoming" with guests Kim Penner and Jack Suderman
  5. "Being an Intercultural Church" with guests Hyejung Jessie Yum and Michele Rizoli
  6. "Music and Faith" with Moses Mugisha  
  7. "Connecting Youth and Faith" with guests Hanna Negussie, Andie Joseph and Aidan Morton-Ninomiya 
  8. "On the Journey Towards Indigenous and Settler Reconcilation" with guests Mim Harder, Lyndsay Mollins-Koene and Herb Sawatzky  
  9. "Navigating Difficult Conversations with Youth" with guest Carrie Lehn  
  10. "Reflecting on the Podcast Journey" with Mollee Moua, Hanna Negussie and Leah Reesor-Keller 

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