“One of the best things about my job is calling, training and credentialing pastors. It is such a joy to walk with pastors on their ministry journey.”
– Marilyn Rudy-Froese, Church Leadership Minister

Ordination Two by Two

Charleen and Kendall Jongejan Harder

Ordination was a natural step for me,” says Kendall. Charleen quickly adds, “I think there would have been times that Kendall could have gotten ordained on his own, while I was on maternity leave, but that wasn’t what we chose.” Kendall further explains, “Our ministry is together. I think it would have felt funny for the congregation and for us not to have been ordained together.”

Kendall and Charleen Jongejan Harder’s ministry started during seminary, covering a sabbatical at Harrow Mennonite Church. “We had a wonderful time pastoring and testing ministry together,” recalls Kendall.

The process of ordination required them to revisit their original call to ministry through completion of a second MLI – Ministerial Leadership Information form – a form filled out when they were originally seeking a congregation. Upon completion of the MLIs, a selected group of interviewers at MCEC scheduled an interview with Kendall and Charleen.

“Part of what I really appreciated about the ordination interviews was how prepared the interviewing team from the Leadership Council was.” Charleen notes. “They had clearly read our materials and they carefully framed their questions. They didn’t ask us to repeat what we had already said but rather expand on it. There was a sense of encouragement all the way through.”

With the interview behind them, Kendall, Charleen, and Valleyview Mennonite Church planned a service that celebrated and affirmed Kendall and Charleen’s ministry.

 Kendall recalls, “Naming our promises at the ordination service was a powerful experience for me. Ordination is about covenant, commitment, and blessing.” Charleen continues, “It is an opportunity to reflect on what it is to be church, pastor, and what ministry is. It was significant to reflect on that within the context of being known in the congregation. Valleyview did not call us as new pastors. They know who we are and affirmed us – that is an empowering thing.”

Kendall and Charleen Jongejan Harder
MCEC Pastors

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Pastors Retreat

Apr 14th, 2020

April 14-16, 2020 - Join Wanda Wagler Martin and Bryan Moyer-Suderman, at the Falls this spring to spend some time with your colleagues in ministry.

Ministry Opportunities

Send your resume to: pastoraltransitions@mcec.ca



Agape Fellowship
Part Time: 10 hours/week
Start Date: Available immediately
London, Ontario

Supply Pastor

Bloomingdale Mennonite Church
Part Time: 0.75 FTE
Start Date: March 1, 2020 or soon as possible thereafter
Bloomingdale, ON


Erie View United Mennonite Church
Part-time: 0.5 FTE
Start Date: Negotiable
Port Rowan, ON


Hunta Mennonite Church
Part Time
Start Date: Available immediately
Cochrane, Ontario


Mennonite Fellowship of Montreal
Part-Time: 0.5 FTE
Starting Date: August 2020
Montreal, QC


Nith Valley Mennonite Church
Full time
Start Date: Available Immediately
New Hamburg, ON


Preston Mennonite Church
Wanner Mennonite Church

Full Time and Part Time Positions
Start Date: Spring 2020 Cambridge, Ontario
The search committee will begin processing potential candidates in February 2020.
This is a linked position with Wanner Mennonite Church - see posting listed here.


Stirling Avenue Mennonite Church
Full time
Start Date: Summer 2020 preferred
Kitchener, ON


The First Mennonite Church
Full Time
Start Date: September 1, 2020 preferred
Vineland, ON
The search committee will begin processing potential candidates in February 2020.

Associate Pastor - Youth

The Gathering Church
Part Time
Start Date: Available Immediately
Kitchener, Ontario


Wanner Mennonite Church
Preston Mennonite Church

Full Time and Part Time Positions
Start Date: Spring 2020
Cambridge, ON
The search committee will be reviewing MLI's as soon as February 1 and will continue until the role is filled.
This is a linked listing with Preston Mennonite Church - see listing here.

Associate Pastor

Wellesley Mennonite Church
Part Time
Start Date: Negotiable
Wellesley, Ontario

Pastoral Transitions 2020

Below is a cumulative compilation of pastoral transitions in MCEC for the 2020 calendar year. These include: placements, installations, concluding assignments, study/other leaves, credentialing dates, credential withdrawn (non-disciplinary), and deaths. Please send notification of errors or omissions to leadership@mcec.ca


*Erb Street Mennonite Church, Waterloo ON
Steph Chandler Burns, Associate Pastor, January 7, 2020

*Pioneer Park Christian Fellowship, Kitchener ON
Melissa Miller, Transformational Pastor, January 1, 2020

Pastors in Exile, Kitchener ON
Jessica Reesor Rempel, Parental Leave, April 1, 2019 - March 31, 2020

North Leamington United Mennonite Church, Leamington ON
Alicia Good, Maternity Leave, August 1, 2019 - July 31, 2020

*Pioneer Park Christian Fellowship, Kitchener ON
Mesfin Zeme, Interim Minister, December 31, 2019
*Toronto United Mennonite Church, Toronto, ON
Peter Haresnape, Pastor, January 12, 2020
*Pioneer Park Christian Fellowship, Kitchener ON
Melissa Miller, Transformational Pastor, February 9, 2020

*Peter Haresnape, Toronto United Mennonite Church, Toronto ON, Licensed Toward Ordination, January 12, 2020

*Nick Schuurman, St. Catharines United Mennonite Church, St. Catharines ON, Ordination, January 19, 2020

* Len Rempel, St. Agatha Mennonite Church, Baden ON, Ordination, January 26, 2020

*Kendra Whitfield Ellis, Waterloo North Mennonite Church, Waterloo ON, Ordination, February 9, 2020

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Guest Speakers

Are you looking for a speaker for a worship service, workshop or retreat. Find here qualified persons who will assist your congregation. Contact them directly by their email listed in their profile.

Guest Speakers

What is TiM?

TiM provides a three-year formational experience for beginning pastors or pastors new to MCEC to assist them in integrating their seminary training into the life and ministry of a congregation and to develop faithful habits and practices. It also draws on the wisdom of experienced pastors and provides them with the opportunity to help equip and support the next generation of leaders.

More Information

Would you like to explore pastoral ministry?

Discover more about the policies and guidelines that help to guide MCEC pastors. Learn more about the credentialing process - licensed toward ordination; ordination; licensing for specific ministry; commissioning and transferring credentials.

Pastor Congregation Evaluations

Are you looking for how to conduct an evaluation? The information and forms found here will help to guide your congregation through this process.

Ministry Transitions

Are a pastor and have decided it is time to consider new positions for ministry? Are you a congregation whose pastor has resigned? Here you find forms and processes for healthy transitions for both pastor and congregation.

Strengthening the Pastor Congregation Relationship

The materials here are designed to strengthen and support relationships that are empowering and fruitful for all parties. These resources are addressed to all those responsible for, or concerned about, pastor-congregation relations.

Church Leadership Team

Marilyn Rudy-Froese
Church Leadership Minister

Ellen Kim
Administrative Assistant

Al Rempel
Regional Minister

Kevin Derksen
Regional Ministry Associate

Cathrin van Sintern-Dick
Regional Ministry Associate

Reporting Sexual Misconduct of Church Leaders

MCEC is committed to supporting congregations to ensure that they are safe for everyone. When sexual misconduct occurs (that is, uninvited sexual engagement of any kind by a church leader) the church takes this very seriously.

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